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Es septiembre

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Noble Esencia y Noble Ethos; Sabiduría, Poder, Coraje y Virtud; Custodiar nuestro Linaje y Honrar a nuestros Ancestros; Honrar y Salvaguardar la Belleza; Empatía y Dignidad...

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Sobre lo que esta pasando en nuestra querida Europa...

...Our enemies: The vile alien masses [ muslim scum and so on ], herding in our streets, attacking, extorting, robbing our people, abusing our hospitality, laying claim on our soil, have not yet even grasped what absolute and total violence on a massive scale means. They seem to think that they can intimidate us into submission by using terrorism and petty gang violence. But they forget that once us Europeans turn violent, we can wipe out races and destroy entire civilizations [ if we wish so ], we conquer continents, and we start world wars.

We Europeans are the masters of war. Nature has endowed us with courage, patience, resilience and a systematic mind. We will use these gifts to the fullest in the coming years. We will declare a total and radical war of destruction on those who wish us harm, and we will not stop until we have destroyed them completely.

Those who thought that our beloved Europe would fall will soon be greatly disappointed, and those who conspired to harm us will soon fear for their lives. There is no place on this Earth where they can hide from us. We will hunt them down, and we will make them pay...”
Kai Murros.

...Palabras que tienen valor por sí mismas.
Defendamos nuestra tierra y nuestros hogares!

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The first Grand Directive of Boreialism is the elevation of Humanity into a Starborne species.

... If you do believe in Evolution and the progressive chronomorphic unfoldment of Nature, then you will one day understand that our Northern Races the Europeans [ in Europa, America... ], Slavo-Russians, and East Asians [ Chinese ethnicities, Japanese, etc... ] – are the current High Order iteration of our Human Species.

And so, because of the High Order Nature, Quality, and Capacity of our Northern Races, the most excellent human beings are born/borne by our respective races. The Most Excellent geniuses who ever walked the earth. The Most Excellent military leaders and heroes who ever walked the earth. The Most Excellent kings, queens, emperor, empresses, statesmen, stateswomen, who ever walked the earth. The Most Excellent philosophers who ever walked the earth. The Most Excellent scientists who ever walked the earth. The Most Excellent artists, musicians, writers. The Most Excellent creative and inventive minds. And it is [ because ] such High Quality human beings that our societies, nations, civilizations, and our species are progressively elevated/evolved towards better standards and greater states of being. 

[...] And so, when you have come to understand this in your heart, you then will understand and know that you are each a Guardian and Vector of your own Culture & Race. Optimal Physis is like a holy grail or the philosopher’s stone: it is the conduit of Evolution towards Higher Order, and is the only thing that can alchemically transform our civilizational order into a Golden Age. And so this Holy Grail must be guarded, as a precious gift from Nature. When you have come to realize that you are a Guardian and Vector of your Culture and Racial Blood, then you have Awakened in the Way of Boreialism.

Because it is through each of us that our cultures remain alive and that the future generations of our races come into being. And it is out of our Northern Races that the Most Excellent human beings will arise. And from such Most Excellent humans, our civilizations evolve, advancing gradually towards greater potential and higher order. Upwards to the Stars...”

( .::.Kryptonymus.::. Laying The Foundation Of Boreialism I - NexionZine 3.1- )

Mi traducción:

Si consideras la Evolución y el desarrollo cronomórfico de la Naturaleza, un día comprenderás que las Razas del Norte – the Europeans [ in Europa, America... ], Slavo-Russians, and East Asians [ Chinese ethnicities, Japanese, etc... ] – son la actual iteración del Orden Superior de la Especie Humana.

Y es de la fuente de la Naturaleza, Calidad, y Capacidad de Orden Superior de nuestras Razas del Norte que los más excelentes seres humanos nacen y nacieron... Los Más Excelentes genios que han caminado sobre la tierra. Los Más Excelentes héroes y líderes militares […] los Más Excelentes reyes, reinas, emperadores, emperatrices, hombres y mujeres de Estado […] los Más Excelentes filósofos que han caminado sobre la tierra. Los Más Excelentes científicos […] Los Más Excelentes artistas, músicos, escritores...Las Más Excelentes mentes creativas e inventivas...
Es gracias a estos seres humanos de Superior Calidad que nuestras sociedades, naciones, civilizaciones, y nuestra especie se ha elevado y desarrollado hacia mejores estándares y superiores estados del ser.

[...] Y así, cuando llegues a reconocer esto en tu corazón, comprenderás que cada uno de nosotros somos Guardianes y Vectores de nuestra propia Cultura y Raza. La Physis Óptima es como un sagrado grial o “piedra filosofal”: es el canal que nos conduce hacia un Orden Superior y el medio que puede transformar nuestro orden civilizacional en una verdadera Edad Dorada. Por eso, este Sagrado Grial, debe ser guardado como un precioso don y regalo de la Naturaleza. Cuando llegues a comprender que tú eres un Guardián y Vector de tu Cultura y Sangre Racial, significará que habrás Despertado al Camino del Boreialismo.

Porque es a través de cada uno de nosotros que nuestras culturas permanecen vivas y que las futuras generaciones de nuestras razas emergen a la existencia. Es de nuestras Razas del Norte de donde provienen y emergen los Más Excelentes seres humanos. Y es gracias a estos Más Excelentes seres humanos que nuestras civilizaciones evolucionan y, gradualmente, desarrollan su gran potencial y orden superior. Ascendiendo hacia las estrellas...

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An Aeonic ONA Zine

127 yfayen: Issue 3.1

Order of Nine Angles

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An Aeonic ONA Zine

126yf: Issue 2.2

Order of Nine Angles